In Development

Mission Accomplished

Production Companies: Agreement Pictures / Dragonfly Films
Director: Scott Marshall (Keeping Up with the Steins, Blonde Ambition, Mother's Day)
Writers: Kristen Haakerud, Scott Marshall
Producers: Brian Perry, Tony Boldi, Heather Hall
Executive Producer: Todd James Meyers

Nine year old Marci is wise beyond her years. When her mother Beth says, "Daddy would rather be married to his job", Marci takes it literally. Sick of the arguing and desperately wanting her parents to stay together, Marci devises a plan as to how she and her siblings are going to KEEP mommy and daddy together.

MAN PANTS Cover.jpg

Man Pants

Production Companies: Agreement Pictures / Dragonfly Films / Paper Crane Productions
Director: Scott Marshall (Keeping Up with the Steins, Blonde Ambition, Mother's Day)
Writers: Ryan Cheevers, Angelo Salvatore Restaino, Greg Wilson
Producers: Brian Perry, Heather Hall, Todd James Meyers, Greg Wilson

In the business world, ERIC JENSEN runs a tight ship. When it comes to romance, however, he's been striking out since he learned to tie his shoes. After several failed attempts at love, Eric's finally found the woman of his dreams, MOLLY WHITLOCK. But with no guile and no game, there's no girl. Enter KEITH GLASSCOE, a self-proclaimed relationship guru. He's the quirky and eccentric local homeless guy who has a special knack for fixing things. In exchanged for housing, Keith vows to help Eric land a relationship with Molly, but in order for this story to have a happy ending, Eric's going to need to take off his dress and put on some MAN PANTS.


William the Conqueror: The Birth of the English Monarchy

Production Companies: Agreement Pictures / Regal Entertainment
Writer: Marcus Thompson
Producers: Adi Cohen, Brian Perry, Eric Olsson, Jordi Rediu
Executive Producer: Michael Bassick (Hacksaw Ridge, Snowden, Black Mass)

Currently under wraps.


The Secret of 40

Production Company: Mammoth Pictures
In Association With: Agreement Pictures
Director: Kourosh Ahari
Writers: Amy Liz Roberts, Kourosh Ahari (Story by)
Producer: Alex Bretow

Devastated by the loss of his mother, a young boy performs a ritual in an attempt reach her beyond the grave. His pure intentions open unexpected doors as he taps into powers beyond his control. 

Filmed natively for Barco Escape Three Screen Cinema Experience. To learn more about Barco Escape, click here: BARCO ESCAPE


Dying to be Bootyful

Production Companies: ABOFA Group / Agreement Pictures / DGW Films Inc.
In Association With: Black Floor Entertainment
Director: L.T. Clayton
Writer: L.T. Clayton
Producers: Brian Perry, L.T. Clayton
Executive Producer: Dr. Gather Williams II
Associate Producer: Nandy McLean

Take revealing behind the scenes look into the world of butt enhancements. There has never been a time in our history that the desire to have the perceived “perfect booty” is more prevalent than it is now. Featuring never before seen interviews with women who have received these services, and the doctors that perform them. Investigate underground practices of those who offer unsafe services, where both customer and provider have faced horrific consequences. From interviews with celebrities, educators, magazine editors, self-esteem experts, everyday people, and one of America’s top plastic surgeons who specializes in correcting botched butt enhancements, discover why so many women are Dying for what they feel is the “perfect butt”



Production Company: Agreement Pictures
Director: Candice Nite
Producers: Brian Perry, L.T. Clayton, Candice Nite, Blaine Dahle
Supervising Producer: Alex Bretow

LyftVenture is a social and cultural feature documentary that follows Filmmaker and 5-star rated San Francisco Lyft Driver, Candice Nite, on a journey across America with Lyft fares as her only means of income. Candice will travel from California to Florida stopping in 21 major U.S. cities along her journey to reveal the Lyft driver's life, how the game of Lyft earnings is played, and the experience of what it's like to come into contact with so many new people each day. The core of her journey will reveal how deeply people desire human connection and a sense of community, and how the ride share community builds this. LyftVenture centers around people, human connection and the adventure of taking a driver’s office on the road!

Market Fresh.png

Market Fresh 

Production Company: Agreement Pictures
Director: David D. Howe
Writer: Chris Tisdale
Producers: Brian Perry, Chris Tisdale, Dominique Ramone Smith

Our two hosts travel the country and visits farmers' markets and the farms where the products come from. They meet with farmers, tour markets and farms, and show what types of products come from different areas of the country and how they can be eaten either plain or in recipes. Our hosts will also visit local tourist attractions and inform the audience about other things they can see when they visit an area.