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Thank you for stopping by Agreement Pictures today. Our team has been working diligently on some projects that soon will be public knowledge. In the meantime we are respecting the grind, policies and procedures and keeping quiet. You all will be the first to know when a project becomes public. Not only has the team been working together, we all work on our own individual passions. Feel free to browse the 'TEAM' section of our website to read more information on each of our members.

If you have a project you'd like reviewed, looking for co-production, investment opportunities etc., feel free to join our email list and drop us a message. We would be happy to take a look. Thank you for supporting #AgreementPics Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep your dreams alive!

Team #AgreementPics

Alex Acosta cast for Voice Over

Agreement Pictures would like to than everyone who submitted for the V.O job. At this time, we are happy to announce that we have cast Alex Acosta. Alex will be the voice behind some of our company advertisement. Alex also hosts his own show on Premium Blend Radio. Feel free to check him out. We look forward to working with Alex.

Everyone else, please keep coming back to our web page and/or our social media pages to watch for future casting opportunities. We have several projects coming up. Thank you for your support. We appreciate each and every one of you. #team #AgreementPics

Escanaba In Da Moonlight

Team Agreement Pictures supported their own Eric Olsson in putting on a fabulous stage play, ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT! Big kuddos to Eric and his cast mates for the fabulous performance they put on at the Bootleg Theater in L.A. Thank you to Agreement Pictures teammates who supported and helped this night be a success. Please click on the link to see what "The L.A. Fashion" magazine had to say:


Welcome to Agreement Pictures! Thank you for stopping by. Thank you to everyone who submitted for the Voice Over role we are casting. We are still taking last minute submissions. You may submit for the V.O by going to our CONTACT page and emailing us your information. Make sure you SIGN UP for our EMAIL so you can receive updates, casting notices and more. We are still going through all of the submissions. We will notify people soon regarding our decision. Again, thanks for stopping by, sign up for our email and make sure you share with a friend. TEAM #AgreementPics

Welcome to Agreement Pictures

Hello Agreement Pictures friends! Thank you all so much for signing up for our email. By signing up you will see periodic updates regarding projects, castings, investment opportunities and more. If you are an entertainer interested in working on one of our projects, feel free to email us your head shot and resume, as well as a reel if you have one. There will be many opportunities coming up from Voice Over work to acting, even opportunities to build your producer and/or director resume. Do you have a project you want to collaborate on? Email us! Make sure you keep up with us for these exciting opportunities.

Currently, Agreement Pictures is in the development stage of some great projects. Of course, due to following the ‘letter of the law’ we are unable to divulge details at this time. When projects are casting and/or in pre-production you will find out via our email and/or by visiting us on social media pages: Facebook: Agreement Pictures, Twitter: @agreementpics or our website

One of the great projects some of our team are working on is called, “Where Sleeping Dogs Lie”. It’s a film by Burn Baby Burn Films and now in collaboration with Agreement Pictures. The story is written and directed by Josh Pierson. Brian Perry from Agreement Pictures will be one of the producers on the film. This story is about two brothers and a childhood friend that end up in a tragic twist of events during a botched robbery. Make sure you LIKE the Facebook page for “Where Sleeping Dogs Lie”, as well as the Agreement Pics Facebook page.

Thank you again for checking out Agreement Pictures Corporation. If you want to know more about us and our team, please browse the various sections on our website. We at Agreement Pictures believe in the saying, "TEAM work makes the DREAM work"! Until next time, keep following your dreams! #AgreementPics